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  • Antiwrinkle treatment new magical for the skin metabolic depressor
  • Hydration – a new treatment involving hemp and a cosmetic super sound
  • Special treatment for men by SOTHYS
  • A contour round the eyes


  • Vacuum-slim
  • chocolate, hot peppers and 5 kind chilli


  • Bust boosting treatment (ultrasonic and lymph drainage)


  • Reduction of the swelling, capillary shrinking, less visible dilated veins

Skin without acne:

  • Black dots
  • acne
  • dead epidermal cells
  • the dirt collected in the city
can be removed from your face with a delicate touch with the ultrasonic device.

You can choose either a SOTHYS or a FLORILIS treatment.

Face treatment for men only.

Anti wrinkle treatment:

  • Hydro optimal;
  • Special DG aesthetic massage developed 12 years, suiting the specific products of SOTHYS;
  • A chocolate fondue ;

Anti wrinkle treatment – 6 procedures

Anti stress hydration

Chocolate fondue - 6 procedures

Special treatment for men

Thin capillaries

Hydro optimal

Weight reduction with vacuum 12 procedures +2 as bonus

Chocolate and chili peppers - 12 procedures +2 bonus